Hewitt Pathfinder Society

The Slaver Fight

After being transported into the tapestry, the party made its way to their goal, a vanaran temple. Symmetrical and colossal, the brownish-red stones of the Temple of Ragdya emerge from the glacier, hinting broadly at the scope and immensity of the vanaran complex. Sinuous nymphs, mighty tigers, and trumpeting elephants—frozen in ruddy stone—encrust the temple’s outer friezes. Packed snow and ice clad depictions of vanaras in jungle scenes, creating an odd dissonance between the climate illustrated in the carvings and the frigid conditions of the temple. The wind howled, and muted voices drifted from within the temple. Even more eerily, a strange hooting and shrieking issued from the temple’s cornices and spires, as if by some magical or artificial means the calls of thousands of monkeys echo
the sound of the arctic storm. A wide doorway stood unobstructed, providing ingress to the
columned courtyard within.

The party entered, and quickly encountered some guards (and a nasty trap) that they made short work of. They learned from a captive (before slaughtering him) that there were more members of the Consortium further in the temple, and the band headed off to take care of them.

On their way, they encountered an odd shrine. It looks as though it was constructed yesterday, its intricate stonework unblemished by time, vandals, or weather. A statue of a beautiful four-armed woman bearing a scroll in each hand rests beneath a tall spire. Images of daring acts of heroism, long journeys, and unrequited love fill the walls. A strange statue in the shrine’s center shot a beam of pure cold right into Bob’s chest, further wounding the already-hurt barbarian.

They immediately bypassed the room, only to see a few slaves working hard with chisels at the ice-covered temple walls. The sheer walls of the glacier dominate this open courtyard, towering as high or higher than the central sanctum’s tall, spired dome on the courtyard’s south end. A wide set of stairs leads up into the sanctum itself, while a lone statue stands out as the only feature of the courtyard, whose walls are encased in thick ice. Master Zhan moved to speak with the apparent slaves, rounding a corner to come face to face with a looking man with a whip and his pet cat. The battle is joined!


A five-by-seven-foot tapestry hangs on the wall, surrounded by a series of platforms and ladders to allow a close view of any spot upon it. The room is otherwise empty, save for the Pathfinder Society’s Master of Spells, Aram Zey, who paces impatiently before the Hao Jin Tapestry, glancing up as the door creaks open.

“Thank you for your quick arrival, Pathfinders,” Zey says curtly, speaking without making eye contact, as though his mind is moving faster than his mouth. As he continues his focused pacing, he gestures toward the tapestry.

“As I’m sure you know, we recently came into possession of this wonder behind me—the Hao Jin Tapestry—by winning the Ruby Phoenix Tournament in distant Goka. Within this piece of fabric lies an entire world in which one of Golarion’s greatest magicians placed treasures and mysteries beyond imagining. And it was supposed to be ours alone. This promise of exclusive access was made a lie, however, when the Aspis Consortium found a way into Hao Jin’s astral vault that bypassed the tapestry altogether, and Aspis agents are now busy stealing whatever they can move, hoping we will act too slowly to protect our winnings. Fortunately, a recent mission into the tapestry managed to uncover a clue about a possible Aspis base within the tapestry. That is your destination.

“The camp, interestingly, is within a great stone temple complex uprooted from the Vudran jungle many centuries ago by the sorceress herself. Since her disappearance, that part of the tapestry has been encased in a massive glacier. This temple—dedicated to a Vudran monkey-god, we believe— could prove enlightening on its own, notwithstanding the Aspis presence there. It’s a grim thought imagining what the Consortium has done to the place, but apparently more than three-quarters of it is still protected by the glacier, so we can still salvage a great deal.

“Vanaras—the simian humanoids responsible for constructing this temple—are great builders, and this temple is representative of the huge complexes that once graced the Vimada Forest before their wars with men and the rise of Khiben-Sald. It’s a representation of the cosmos, really, a series of nested squares with symbolic shrine-mountains all directed toward great Bahmenu, the mountain birthplace of the god Ragdya and, the vanaras believe, the center of the universe. This symmetry may serve you well, since it will help you predict the layout and functions of the temple as you make your way around it. Every corner of the temple will be fitted with a small shrine, all facing the symbolic mountain.”

“Even an abandoned temple is a holy place to the vanaras, as it is to most of us Vudrani as well, and we hope you respect that fact. If you can save the sanctuary from the insolence of the gods-damned Aspis, it may draw the mirthful and enlightened eye of Ragdya himself upon our Society.”

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